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A Tom Bendelow gem of a Lima golf course, the 18 Hole Course at Shawnee Country Club uses the natural rolling hills to create a beautiful but challenging course for players of all skill levels. Premier conditioning and narrow fairways await those who accept the challenge.

Complete practice facilities encourage members of every level to sharpen their skills.  Our Golf Pros are always on hand to help you improve your game.
An upscale well-stocked Golf Shop offers the finest in golf equipment and apparel for all golfers.  Add to this the many golf events, a junior golf program and a brisk pace of play and you have the ideal venue for personal or business golf.  Come see for yourself why Shawnee Country Club is the only game in town.

Use of the Golf course is  privilege available only to members of Shawnee Country Club.  The course is not open for non-member use.

Score Card

Course Description

#1 341 yards, Par 4
A fair starting hole from elevated tees. The right side fairway bunker and cluster of trees on the left both come into play off the tee. The green is surrounded by two front side bunkers. Hole #1 is definitely a potential birdie hole to start your round.

#2 381 yards, Par 4
Difficult dogleg left where your position off the tee is key. Your approach shot could make the difference between writing down 4 or 5 on your scorecard. The sloping back to front green is lined by two left side bunkers. Ensure that you are not above the pin where a score of 5 or more could become a reality.

#3 573 yards, Par 5
A classic par 5. A slight dogleg right with out-of-bounds that stares at you the length of the hole. Two fairway
bunkers come into play off the tee, making the middle of the fairway very enticing. A third left side fairway bunker comes into play for your second shot – helping you make the decision where to leave your approach shot. With bunkers lining the right front and back of the green, it leaves you with a great risk/reward pin location.

#4 325 yards, Par 4
A short hole with a slight dogleg right with out-of-bounds down the right side. A good tee shot will set you up for a great approach shot, as the pin could be tucked back left or back right with both protected by green side bunkers. A very good opportunity to write down a score “3”.

#5 371 yards, Par 4
A very picturesque dogleg left. The left side fairway bunker and cluster of pine trees on the right come into play off the tee. The green is set back into the woods with a right front side bunker and left side bunker to protect it. A challenging hole for any skill level.

#6 160 yards, Par 3
A straight forward Par 3. Be careful because wind is more of a factor than the surrounding terrain. Your tee shot catches a draft as this hole sits lower than the surrounding holes. Use the trees from behind and to the right of the green to gauge the wind. The green is protected by two front side bunkers.

#7 525 yards, Par 5
Hitting off the tee through a heavily wooded opening, the fairway on this dogleg left slopes to the right. The green is reachable in two if you are playing from the middle tees, but not without a little risk. Despite not having any bunkers, the green is protected short by a pond, and a severe down slope if you go long or to the right. The left side of the green is shielded by large overhanging tree branches. Traditional play dictates a lay up, giving you a great look at a birdie opportunity.

#8 177 yards, Par 3
Don’t be fooled by the pond, as it does not come into play. The tees are set back in the woods and the large green is surrounded by four bunkers. Playing from below the hole is necessary to walk off with a score of “3.”

#9 432 yards, Par 4
The #1 Handicap Signature Hole; the clubhouse sits as the backdrop to this difficult Par 4. Distance off the tee can do nothing but help your score on this hole as you hit across the Ottawa River. Your approach shot can be tricky as the this narrow green is two-tiered and elevated with green side bunkers left, right and behind. A “4” is a great score; a “3” is spectacular, but seldom.

#10 320 yards, Par 4
A blind tee shot must be kept on the right side of the fairway to have any reasonable approach shot. A fairly short Par 4, the slick right to left sloping green is protected by left and right green side bunkers.

#11 164 yards, Par 3
Sharing the tee with Par 5 Hole #16, this is a challenging Par 3. The green is much deeper than it appears from the tee and club selection is influenced by a constant swirling breeze. Deep bunkers left and right enhance the difficulty of this hole. The deep ravine between the tee and green makes the hole appear longer.

#12 551 yards, Par 5
Keeping your tee shot to the left allows the ball to hit the flat side of the fairway, giving you additional distance off the tee. Out-of-bounds on the left and a deep ravine on the right side makes accuracy a premium. Seldom reachable in two, a good approach shot should give you a reasonable chance to make birdie.

#13 316 yards Par 4
“The Road Hole”. While Shawnee Road is NOT part of the Club’s property, many golf balls have found their way out-of-bounds left on this short but difficult Par 4. Make sure your approach shot is below the pin on this complex, slopey green. Bunkers left and right should not come into play if you have a good tee shot and a wedge in hand. Walking off the green with a score of “3” is a treat that occurs infrequently.

#14 290 yards, Par 4
A short but tricky Par 4. Hitting 3-wood off the tee may be the choice of club as the right fairway bunker comes into play. For the long hitters, reaching the green off the tee with driver is possible but with the multiple bunkers that guard this shallow, heavily sloped green, it doesn’t happen as much as you may think.

#15 366 yards, Par 4
A dogleg left, with a risky decision of cutting the corner. Successfully clearing the tree and cutting the corner will result in a prime look at the sloping back to front green. Traditional play dictates a down the middle fairway tee shot, leaving a blind challenging approach shot to a green with left and right green side bunkers.

#16 452 yards, Par 5
If you have a strong, left side of the fairway tee shot, this green is easily reachable in two but the narrow, sloping green is guarded by multiple bunkers left and right. Errant tee shots make Par on this hole more a reality.

#17 326 yards, Par 4
Optimal drive is on right side of the left sloping fairway where it is flat. A3-wood is a good club choice off the tee. Regardless of the position of your drive, your approach shot is hampered by two large trees protecting the green backed up with two large front green side bunkers. Ensure you are below the pin on your approach to this difficult green giving a good look at birdie.

#18 194 yards, Par 3
A challenging but fair Par 3. Two bunkers guard the right side of the green. Make sure your tee shot is well below the pin to give you a good look at making birdie to end your round.

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Shawnee Country Club is a Private Club. Use of the Club’s Amenities including the Pool & Golf Course are a privilege reserved for Members Only.