Guest Information

*Please note, privileges of Shawnee Country Club are extended to our Members and their Guests*

Shawnee Country Club is NOT open to the Public

Dress Code for Clubhouse and Grounds

  • Casual attire may be worn in the Tee Room, Pub Room, and Banquet Rooms. Dress Denim is permitted in the Pub and on the outdoor Terrace. Distressed, torn, ripped, or frayed denim is not permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse or on the Golf course.
  • Bathing attire is not permitted in any area of the clubhouse or grounds except the pool area, pool snack bar, and pool bathhouse.
  • Hats are not to be worn by male members or guests on the upper level of the clubhouse except for special social activities.
  • Dress code also applies to guests, family, and juniors.

Dress Code for Golf Course

  • Men must wear collared shirts
  • Hemmed shorts that reach mid thigh are allowed, but jeans short-shorts, jogging shorts, tennis shorts or coaching shorts are not permitted.
  • Women may not wear short shorts, jogging shorts, halter tops, tank tops, tube tops, undershirts, shorts that are unhemmed or skirts that do not reach mid thigh.
  • Dress code also applies to guests, family, and juniors.

Cell Phones

  • Usage of cell phones is PROHIBITED in the Tee Room & Pub and Banquet Rooms. 
  • Cell Phones are permitted in the locker rooms and the foyer area of the Clubhouse.

Golf Course

  • Soft spikes are MANDATORY

Speed of Play & Priority

  • Every effort should be made to not hold up following groups on the course.  A rule of thumb is 9 Holes should be completed in less than 2 hours.  The mandatory pace of play is 4 hours or less during Member Preference Tee Times.
  • If a match fails to keep is place on the course and loses more than one clear hole on the players in front, it should allow the match following it to pass.
  • Due to the demand for starting times, Shawnee Country Club has been forced to limit guest play in the following manner:

Only Members may tee off at the following times:


Saturday, Sunday & Holidays 8AM to 11AM
Thursday: 11am to 4PM


Guests may tee off at the following times:


Tuesday:  1 Guest any time; 2 or 3 after 10:30
Wednesday:  1 Guest from Noon to 1:30; 2 or 3 after 1:30
Thursday: 1 Any time: 2 or 3 before 10:30 am or after 2:30
Friday All Day
Saturday: 1 Any Time; 2 or 3 after Noon
Sundays & Holidays: 1 Anytime, 2 or 3 after Noon

Shawnee Country Club is a Private Club. Use of the Club’s Amenities including the Pool & Golf Course are a privilege reserved for Members Only.